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Taxable Income
Taxable Income is income that can be taxed by the government. You only pay tax on your taxable income. Examples of taxable income include work-related income, interest earned on savings and profits from renting out properties.

Tenancy is the possession of land as a tenant.

Tenancy Agreement
A Tenancy Agreement allows a landlord to possess the property immediately after the initial agreed period. Therefore, the landlord can evict a tenant after the agreement period without a legal reason.

Term Remaining
For each loan there is a minimum term and maximum term. The “Term Remaining” is the borrower’s deadline to repay their loan, Investors should be prepared to commit their funds for the whole duration of the loan. However, borrowers do also sometimes pay back early.

The legal basis of the ownership of property.

Title Insurance
Insurance obtained against unknown but existing title defects.

Transaction Costs
The cost related to making an economic exchange.

A Trust is a relationship between a trustor and a trustee. The trustor gives the trustee the right to hold an asset (including property) for the benefit of a third party.

A Trustee is a individual or entity that has admin rights for assets (including property) for the benefit of a third party.