Income Trust

Invest in diversified pooled mortgages

Access a fund designed for passive income and capital preservation.

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8-8.5% p.a

Target returns*




Capital losses


Total lent**



4800 +

Investors using Funding**

Enhance your portfolio with secure income opportunities

Reliable income with pooled Australian first mortgages

For wholesale and sophisticated investors, Funding offers our Income Trust with flexible terms. Starting from a minimum investment of $50,000, you have the choice of two investment options: a 6-month term or a 12-month term. Both options provide access to the Australian mortgage market through a pooled first mortgage investment fund, allowing multiple investors to join forces and fund a diversified portfolio of first-mortgage assets. These mortgages not only serve as security for the loans but also offer ongoing returns targeted from 8% to 8.5% p.a.*.

Flexible terms to suit your goals

For investors after flexibility, our Income Trust offers two options: a 6-month term and a 12-month term. With the 6-month term, investors can target a return of 8% per annum*, while the 12-month term offers a targeted return of 8.5% per annum*.

*Please ensure to review our Information Memorandum (IM) thoroughly and consider all risks before investing.
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Creditworthy confidence

We take great care in selecting borrowers who meet our stringent lending standards. Each borrower is approved by our experienced credit committee. This reduces risk and provides our investors with peace of mind.

Insights into Funding’s Income Trust

Dive deeper into the performance and composition of our Income Trust.
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Funding Income Trust

* Be sure to read the Information Memorandum and consider all risks while investing. Target returns are not guaranteed

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Securing stronger financial tomorrows

Your investments are backed by Australian real-estate, offer flexible terms, and diversify across a variety of property markets—designed to help you propel your financial future.

I have been investing in since February 2021 and have found it very satisfactory. A huge positive for me is that one can telephone the key people in Funding to discuss things and get straight on to them.

Roger Gifford

“Easy to set up — I wish I found it a lot sooner.”

Martin C

A great way to invest! Unlike other companies who offer a similar service, don’t require a large deposit amount. Interest is paid every month and on time. Invest with confidence.

Scott Aberlic

Discover the Funding advantage

Opening the door to the mortgage investment market. Now it’s not just for the elite anymore.

Monthly yield potential

A way to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in real estate loans with target returns of 5-9% p.a*.


Invest with confidence in assets secured by Australian real estate, offering security for your capital.


You choose investment terms like duration and amounts to align with your financial goals.

Diverse investments

Diversify your portfolio with investments across a variety of properties and mortgage types, helping manage risk.
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