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What is it like to work at Funding?

kylie hala

Kylie Hala

Credit Officer

“I’ve been in finance for 25 years, and what truly stands out about working at Funding is our relentless ‘can do’ spirit and dedication to putting customers first. I’m proud to be part of a team that’s all about delivering the best outcomes for our clients.”

jernaine nuguid

Jernaine Nuguid

Accounts and Operations Manager

“I lead initiatives focused on people, processes, and operations. Through a collaborative culture, optimising workflows, and streamlining processes, we’ve achieved great results, delivering solutions for our clients that make a positive impact.”

gary simpson

Gary Stimpson

Direct Sales Manager

“At Funding, I work to find the best strategy for our clients to achieve their financial goals with property, no matter how complex the situation. My aim is to provide fast and tailored solutions that help our clients succeed.”

kelly chen

Kelly Chen

Software Engineer Funding

“My focus is on driving innovation and creating robust solutions with a priority on customer care and integrity. At Funding, we ensure projects move forward quickly, delivering exceptional value and efficiency.”

new headshot andrew

Andrew Crossley


“We use our collective expertise and dedication to consistently achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Innovation drives us to surpass expectations and deliver unparalleled service, making a meaningful impact in the peoples’ lives.”

Values at the heart of every action

Our core values are woven into every decision and interaction, so that integrity, agility, innovation, and kindness are more than just words—they are principles we work by.

Funding's corporate values innovation agility integrity kindness

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