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A Partnership is any cooperative endeavour undertaken by multiple parties.

Passive Investor
Passive Investors are investors which purchase investments for long term appreciation and limited maintenance. This is a good way to invest your surplus funds, so you earn additional income on top of your regular employment or business activities.

Personal Liability
Personal Liability is a financial obligation that an individual is responsible for.

Personal Loan
Personal Loans are loans which are issued without a security/asset as collateral. They are also referred to as unsecured loans. For example, a personal loan may be a loan used to finance a wedding. does not offer any unsecured personal loans.

A portfolio is a grouping of financial securities or assets (investments, bonds, stocks, equities). They are either ‘managed’ by financial professionals or ‘held’ by investors.

Portfolio Performance
Portfolio Performance involves understanding how well a managed portfolio has performed in relation to comparison benchmarks.

Prepayment is the payment of a debt before it is due.

Prepayment Penalty
A Prepayment Penalty is a clause in a loan contract confirming that if a loan is pre paid before the due date a penalty may be applied.

Principal is the amount of money that is actually borrowed. If for example you were to take out a $400,000 loan, this is the principal. By the time you pay back the loan, you may pay back $436,000 (depending on the interest rate). The $36,000 is the interest and the $400,000 is the principal.

Property Development
Property Development is a business which ranges from renovating buildings to purchasing bare land and building on it.