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There are 4 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter G.
Gross Amount
Gross Amount refers to the total amount of something before any deductions are made. For example, your gross income is your income before tax and national insurance have been deducted.

Gross Realisation Value (GRV)
The GRV is the estimated value a new property or development will receive on the open market when it is completed. This is also known as “as if complete” value.

Guarantor Loans
A Guarantor Loan is an unsecured loan which requires a guarantor to sign the credit agreement. The purpose of the guarantor is to agree to pay the borrowers debt if he or she defaults on repayments. do not offer any unsecured loans but we usually also insist on guarantors as an addition layer of security to the first registered mortgage.

A Guaranty is formal assurance that conditions will be fulfilled.