Unlocking your Growth Potential with Funding

21/11/2023 | 3 min


In the dynamic landscape of real estate development, small developers often face unique challenges in securing the financial support needed to bring their projects to fruition. At Funding, we understand the distinct needs of small developers and are committed to providing tailored financial solutions, empowering them to unlock their full potential.

Small developers play a crucial role in bringing innovation and diversity to the property market. We recognise that each project is unique, and cookie-cutter financing doesn’t always fit the bill. Our approach is to offer flexible and tailored financing solutions designed to meet the specific needs of small-scale developers.

So why Funding?

Our experienced team understands the challenges faced by small developers. We go beyond traditional lending constraints, offering a more personalised approach to ensure your projects gets the financial backing it deserves.

Projects up to $5 million

Whether it’s a boutique residential development or a commercial endeavour, Funding supports projects with a financial cap of up to $5 million. We bridge the gap between traditional lenders’ limitations and the financial requirements of small developers, ensuring that viable projects don’t get left behind.

Funding’s flexible financial threshold enables small developers to take on more ambitious projects, fostering growth and success within their businesses.

A Quick and Efficient Approval Process

Time is of the essence in the property development industry. Our streamlined approval process ensures that you get the financial green light in a matter of days, not weeks. This agility is particularly beneficial for small developers looking to capitalise on time-sensitive opportunities.

Funding is not just a lender, we are your dedicated partner in navigating the intricate landscape of property development. By providing financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of small developers, we aim to ensure you can take on projects with confidence, knowing that Funding has your back.

Recently Completed Deal

  • Loan Amount: $1.2M
  • Loan Term: 15 Months
  • Purpose: Complete Construction
  • LVR: 43%
  • Approved: 4 Hours

In a recently funded deal, Funding played a crucial role in supporting a developer undertaking a luxury property project in Victoria. With a funding requirement of 1.2 million to finalise in construction, Funding stepped in with a customised financial solution. Leveraging 800k in equity extracted from the developer’s vacant land, coupled with their own liquid assets, Funding facilitated a seamless and efficient funding process. This not only ensure the swift completion of the luxury property but also exemplified Funding’s commitment to providing tailored and flexible loan options to meet the unique needs of developers in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.


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