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27/10/2022 | 3 min


Funding launches its new Build A Bridge™ brand and television campaign nationally.

This week we will be launching our new “Build a Bridge” brand campaign that will be seen on free to air television, video on demand, print, digital and online channels. It is aimed at informing and educating customers on our innovative short-term bridging loan for bridging, business, and building solutions.

“Increased demand from customers who are seeking to secure their next property without worrying about the time it takes to sell their current property has seen a significant need for fast bridging loan solutions,” says our Founder and CEO, Jack O’Reilly.

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All about Isla

Our TV commercial star is Isla (and her dad). “When we met Isla we knew people would love her. She is exactly who she is in our commercial and was a ball of non-stop energy,” shared Jack. “We wanted to create a campaign that hows how bridging loans can really help customers when they need it. And what better way to do this than through our star Isla telling her dad to build a bridge?” continued Jack.

The commercial was filmed in Brisbane on location with the real dad and daughter with our media partners at New Word Order and Two Little Films.

Building a Bridge

The demand for bridging loans has never been stronger, the changing mortgage market and customers looking for shorter term lending solutions to their funding needs is only continuing to increase demand for our products.

Bridging loans have traditionally involved a long and tedious process that involves full documentation and a terrible customer experience, short loan terms and exit fees, and many banks have now withdrawn their products or only offer them to their existing clients, and if they do offer them, they take weeks to get approval and months to settle. offers and online digital process, and there’s no need for full documentation.

In the last 12 months we have grown our team and seen record growth including more than $6 billion in applications for more than 7,000 customers across Australia and maintaining a 4.9-star rating from our customers on Google.

Funding’s short-term bridging, building and business loans are available for personal and business use and customers for NCCP and Non-NCCP loans.

The Build a Bridge brand campaign will be launching on Sunday 30th October on Channel 9 free to air and continue BVOD, Digital channel, online and further above the line marketing.

If you want to Build a Bridge, get started here.

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