Using the Funding Investment Platform

18 August 2020 | 1 min


Using the Funding Investment Platform

Are you new to the Funding Investment Platform? These videos will guide you through topping up your account, viewing available investments and investing your funds.

Topping Up your Investor Account

Please note, your initial top up must be $5000 or higher. All top ups thereafter must be $1000 or higher.

Viewing Available Opportunities and Investing Funds


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The loan was repaid on time with all investors being paid their full principal and interest amounts after the borrower refinanced to a mainstream lender.

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Correctly defining the registered owners on title

Correctly Defining the Registered Owners on Title in Private Lending

This video explains why it is essential for brokers and borrowers to correctly outline all of the registered owners on the title when applying for a loan. In addition to ensuring all tenants are listed, the borrowers must also identify who is benefiting from the mortgage transaction (transfer of benefit).

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