Funding named “Top Mortgage Employer”

Funding is excited to announce its recognition as an MPA Top Mortgage Employer for the year 2023. This award highlights the company’s commitment to creating a workplace that fosters excellence, innovation, and employee wellbeing.

In a recent interview, Dani Davidson, Funding’s Chief Performance Officer and Director, shared insights into the company’s unique approach to employee engagement and satisfaction. Funding achieved the highest score of 97%, reflecting its dedication to creating a positive workplace culture.

Davidson emphasised the importance of regular internal surveys that allow the company to listen to its team members actively. “We ask the team, ‘What do you want to see, what do you want this place to look like, and what motivates you?’ And that’s different for everyone else,” she explained.

Employees provided feedback that highlighted Funding’s commitment to individual and team recognition, flexible working arrangements, and regular team-building events. The company’s leadership, unified team approach, and positive culture were also commended.

Speaking about the company’s culture, Davidson noted, “It’s the culture of happiness in wanting to be here, a pursuit of excellence in terms of the service that we can provide and the product that we continuously develop and provide to the market. It’s a very nurturing and safe environment for people to come to work every day, to learn to perform and to support one another.”

To reinforce this culture of appreciation and engagement, Funding has implemented several initiatives:

  • A monthly peer-to-peer recognition program with two winners receiving a $100 voucher.
  • Quarterly team events to strengthen bonds among team members.
  • A “fun club” that offers health and wellness activities, lunch and learn sessions, team outings and monthly drinks.
  • Birthday and volunteer leave to support employees’ well-being and community involvement.

In addition to these initiatives, Funding introduced Harlem, the chief “barketing officer.” Harlem is a black Labrador adopted from Funding’s social responsibility partner, the Animal Welfare League Queensland. According to Davidson, Harlem spends three to four days a week at the office, bringing joy and a calming presence to the workplace.

“We make monthly donations, they come out once a year as well, with the puppies available for adoption into the organisation. We get to see beautiful dogs, and we get lots of photos. So, it’s one thing that makes us a bit more fun,” Davidson shared.

This commitment to support community and charitable organisations aligns with MPA’s survey findings, where such initiatives ranked among the top priorities for companies of all sizes.

Funding is honoured to receive the MPA Top Mortgage Employer 2023 award and remains dedicated to maintaining a workplace that empowers its employees, fosters innovation, and continues to make a positive impact on the community.

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