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Property secured loans for all purposes including:

  • Urgent bridging loans and short term loans.
  • Business and personal loans.
  • Vacant land.
  • Cash out & ATO Debts.
  • Commercial property.
  • Non-residents, bad credit or self employed.
Funding Broker Partners

Property loans for all purposes

We lend to individuals and companies looking for short to medium term loans for any purpose. We take a common sense approach to lending and can often assist when the banks cannot.

Why partner with us?

Direct lender

We value your time and we focus on making it quicker and easier for us to work together.

Fast settlements

Our process is simple and our decisions are fast. Funding is possible in as little as 48 hours.

Dedicated support

Online and phone support so you can speak to a real person about your clients needs.

How do I get started?


Get accredited:

Fill out our online accreditation form here


Submit a deal:

Receive a conditional approval the same day.


Loan approval:

We complete our due diligence on the loan and on formal approval loan documents are signed. 



Within days, not weeks or months, we have settled loans in as little as 48 hours. 

Why our clients love us? provides a service like no other. I have no hesitation in recommending to any prospective borrower who is looking for expert, flexible and trustworthy advice for any of their borrowing needs.
Fairfield NSW
We sincerely thank the staff at “” for their straight talk approach and their efficient and timely performance.
Pam & John, Carlingford
Carlingford NSW


Brokerage fees are mandated and paid from the loan at settlement. Any bonus commissions offered are paid by us on settlement.

Our rates start from 8.99% p.a. Email [email protected] to obtain a copy of our product guide.

The loan to value or LVR is the maximum lend secured over the property. Our typical LVR is 65% or lower of the property value. On some occasions, 70% may be considered depending on the location and type of security property.

Loan terms are typically between 1 and 36 months.

Residential, commercial and vacant land. In all metropolitan and regional areas in all states.

Borrowers can be individuals, companies or trusts borrowing for any purpose including personal or business. Borrowers must have sound real estate security, the ability to meet their repayments and a strong repayment strategy to exit the loan at the end of the term.