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  • 5-9% p.a* Target Return
  • 2015 Founded
  • Zero Capital Losses
  • $799m Total Lent**
  • 1355 Loans**

*Be sure to read the PDS/TMD and consider all risks while investing. Target returns are not guaranteed. **as at 29th February 2024.

Why invest with Funding?


A great way to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in real estate loans.

Property Secured

Investments are secured by a registered first mortgage over Australian property. In the event of default, the property can be sold and may recover the principal, interest and costs.


You choose your investment term based on the specific mortgage you invest in. This may vary from 1 to 36 months.

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*Be sure to read the PDS/TMD and consider all risks while investing. **as at 29th February 2024.

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Recent investments

Our mortgage investments are open to everybody, not just the big banks and wealthy institutions.

Target Returns from 5% to 9% pa.*

Melbourne VIC 3000

The security property is a 3 x bed residential unit on a 134 sqm allotment.

Target return8.15%pa*


Term12 Months

Springfield Lakes QLD 4300

Security 1: Future development site on a 15.82 ha allotment.
Security 2: 4 x bed residential dwelling on an 822 sqm allotment.

Target return8.45%pa*


Term12 Months

Macgregor QLD 4109

Security 1: 7 x bed residential dwelling on a 698 sqm allotment.
Security 2: Commercial retail property on a 1,050 sqm allotment.

Target return7.95%pa*


Term6 Months

What is a first mortgage?

Our investments are backed by a registered first mortgage loan against Australian real estate. A first mortgage is a first charge over real estate owned by the borrower. If there is a Default in repayment of the Loan, the property can be sold in order to recover the Loan and repay Members.

What type of real estate security is provided?

The security property varies from loan to loan however each loan is secured over either Residential or Commercial real estate in locations across Australia.

What type of borrowers do we lend to?

Borrowers must have Australian real estate security, the ability to meet their repayments and a repayment strategy to exit the Loan at the end of the term. Our mortgages are catered to borrowers that need a fast and flexible solution. Short-term mortgages are more expensive than traditional finance, which is why we are able to provide higher returns to our investors.

How does the platform work?

Once an investor has signed up and is approved, they can select, invest and manage their investments via our platform and professional management staff. An investor can choose to fully fund a Loan or invest alongside other Members in a particular Loan.

What is the Funding Investment Trust?

The Funding Investment Trust is the legal structure behind the platform. The Funding Investment Trust (“the Trust”) is an ASIC registered (ARSN 616 185 276) managed investment scheme where members of the Trust are provided with access to first mortgage investments.
Manager: Pty Ltd ACN 603756547, AR No. 1239776
Trustee: Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd ACN 160326545, AFSL428289
Custodian: Sandhurst Trustees Limited ACN 004 030 737

How do I get a copy of the PDS for the Funding Investment Trust?

You can download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) by clicking here.

What is the LVR on the loans?

The loan to value ratio or LVR is the maximum lend secured over the property. The LVR is specific to the individual mortgage selected by the investor however the LVR must be less than 70% of the value of the security property. (e.g. Loan of $480,000 divide by Property Value of $800,000 = 60% LVR)

When do I get paid?

The interest from your investments is intended to be paid monthly, into your online Funding account, subject to the performance of the investments. From there you may choose to reinvest these funds or withdraw to your nominated bank account. Please allow for 2-3 business days for withdrawals to be processed.

How is the interest rate determined?

The applicable rate of return for your investment is based on the performance of the Fund, based on the underlying loans. The return will be impacted by the interest rates paid by underlying borrowers (determined based on LVR, property location and other factors), performance of those loans, any borrower defaults and the fees charged in the fund. The PDS describes the target rate of return for your investment. However, this is a target only and may not be achieved.

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