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Build a bridge with our funding solutions

Bridging Loans

Short term loan secured against your existing property as a financial bridge

  • Buying and selling your property
  • Urgent settlements
  • Cash out / equity release
  • Upsizing and downsizing
  • Personal loan

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Business Loans

Access capital for your business when you need it or purchase a business or property

  • Investment / business purposes
  • Share purchases
  • Business cash flow / debt consolidation
  • Companies / individual borrowers

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Building Loans

Flexible and fast building loans to complete an incomplete development or building

  • Development / construction finance
  • Renovations / incomplete construction
  • Land bank and residual stock
  • New builds / owner builders

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Bridging Loan

A bridging loan can be helpful if you want to buy a new home but need extra time to get your existing home ready for sale. With an equity loan, you can borrow money against your property equity to pay for your new home or cover other expenses. However, it can be challenging to decide where to apply for a bridge loan as there are many lenders in Australia to choose from.

Choose Funding — Australia’s leading mortgage marketplace. We offer reliable short-term property loans to help bridge the gap in your financial situation, whether you are looking to move into a bigger home or settle into a more manageable home. We are reinventing property finance and investing with our cutting-edge technology to deliver a fast and simple user experience every time. 

There are plenty of considerations when it comes to a bridging loan, so before you get bridging finance, here are some things you should know. 


Are bridging loans expensive?

A bridging loan is a type of short-term property finance, and bridging finance rates may differ from lender to lender. Many factors come into play in the cost of bridge financing, such as your property equity, interest rate, loan term, lender’s conditions, and other applicable fees. Bridging loans are more expensive than long term 30 year home loans however they are only a short term solution. 

At Funding, your bridge loan rates and fees are tailored to your specific loan situations. You can get an obligation-free conditional approval – which you can acquire within the same day – for an outline of your custom rates and fees. Depending on the location and type of security property, you may borrow up to 65 to 70% of your property value. Loan terms at Funding may range from one to thirty-six months. 


Can retirees, business owners or low doc applicants apply for a bridging loan?

It is possible for Australians who are retired, own their own business or need a low doc solution to get a bridging loan. The primary requirement for a home equity loan is for a borrower to have some equity over their property and have a firm exit strategy ie sale of their existing property. If you are retired and own property with equity in Australia and are looking for a financial bridge, then you may qualify for a residential bridge loan. 

Whether you’re an individual, broker or business owner Funding can assist with a financial bridge loan. You need to have sound real estate security located in the country and be able to prove your ability to meet repayment of the loan at expiration of the end of the loan term. Residential, commercial and vacant land are properties that Funding accepts as security for your home or commercial property loan


What documents are needed when applying for a bridge loan?

When deciding where to get a bridge loan, you should also consider the requirements that you may be required to supply so you can prepare in advance. Since a bridging loan is borrowed against your property equity, you will have to provide documents showing your ownership of the property, details of the property you wish to buy and loan statements for any existing debt on the property. 

You should also provide personal documents that confirm your identity, such as government-issued IDs. Some home bridging loan lenders will also require documents showing your ability to repay the loan, such as details on the property you are selling or evidence of your ability to refinance via your sources of income or cash flow. 

It’s easy to get started with your short-term bridging loan application at Funding since our process is entirely online. Just fill out our Express Quote form with your personal, loan, and property details to get a conditional approval within the same day. Our team will review your loan scenario further and ask you to supply the necessary documents to proceed with the formal approval of your loan. Settlement can be done within just a few days – not weeks – so you can move forward with your plans as soon as possible. 

If you have questions similar to ‘What is a bridging loan?’ or need further clarification about our short-term business loans, we have a dedicated support team available to assist you promptly. You may reach out to our team online or through a phone call – rest assured that you will be speaking with a real person about your loan needs. 

Funding is more than just an online lending platform; we are a comprehensive mortgage marketplace. Brokers are also welcome at Funding – we will work with you to assist your client’s needs. We can help you provide a solution for your individual or corporate clients looking for short-term property financing. With our easy process and quick decisions, funding is possible in just three to five days, helping you improve customer satisfaction. Simply fill out our online accreditation form to get started with Funding. 

Get a personalised custom quote for your desired short-term loan today! No need to leave home, as Funding makes it easy to apply for a bridging loan anywhere you are in Australia. 

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Don’t take our word for it.

“Funding organised a bridging loan for my client in less than a week!! No other lender could have done this and you saved my clients deposit being lost. Great result.”

Scott Vine


“We approached Funding several months back as an alternative to our normal banks, and dealt with John from day one. From the start, the transparency was there, we knew pretty much at every point what was happening…..”



“Amazing Service! We were able to turn around a deal in 2 days so the client could settle on their dream home. Nathan worked tirelessly to get this across the line and make it a smooth experience for myself and my client. Highly Recommended.”

Sandy Kelso


“The team at Funding have been great to work with. The funds have been made available quickly and without fuss. We are about to start another project and will happily use Funding again”

Kerin Friswell


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