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07/11/2022 | 3 min


With the rise in costs of materials, and a skills shortage driving the wages up, builders with fixed-priced contracts is causing delayed work and a rise in incomplete construction. Funding’s unique bridging and building loans offer simple and flexible solutions, fast when customers need them.

Meet Victor

Meet Victor, an avid investor and builder who tells us about how Funding was able to assist him when it came to funding the construction of his new home on the Gold Coast.

Victor loves to jump on opportunities when they arise and when building a new house on the Gold Coast he required further funding driven in part by the rising costs of building materials to complete his project and secure his investment. Victor found with the help and support of his Broker, who introduced Victor to Funding because they understood his situation and worked with them to secure a funding solution fast.

The entire process was very straightforward and very professional. I have had experience with this sort of thing in the past and I was very pleased with how smoothly it all went with Funding,” Victor, a customer of tells us.

We had a building certifier already on the job… and we coordinated our builder, the building certifier, and Funding and it was all very seamless, payments were on time, and it all ran very smoothly,” he continued.

Simple and Fast Lending is known for their ability to offer a simple and fast lending process and ensuring they meet the time frames the customer needs, with the purpose of giving their clients the confidence their needs will be met. The deal will be funded and that they will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process.

“I would recommend Funding to others, especially if your needs are similar to ours because the process of obtaining the funding is very straightforward, there’s not hidden items, they are very easy to deal with and the results of working with them are very good,” Victor says.

Funding has revolutionised bridging loans through innovative technology and strong credit decisions to make the whole application experience quick, easy, and efficient. Funding has the ability to offer code and non-code bridging, business and building loans from $20K to $10 million for up to 36 months, with prepaid interest and no ongoing fees and charges which has given brokers a unique product to offer to their clients.

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