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At Funding, we keep it simple. Our innovative tech and dedicated team make finance fast, straightforward and personal—exactly what you need to jump on opportunities. We're about helping you move forward faster, because your goals can't wait.

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Since 2015, Funding’s been simplifying the way Australians access bridging loans and invest in mortgages.


We’ve earned a reputation as a reliable finance partner. Awarded for excellence and supported by strong capital backing.


Leveraging advanced technology, our streamlined processes mean you receive fast, reliable financial solutions that keep pace with your needs.


Dedicated local teams across Australia mean personalised support is always nearby, making your journey smooth and straightforward.


We believe in clear terms and flexible options, making sure you understand every step of your financial journey with us.


We're reshaping property finance, making it accessible, so that everyone can achieve their financial goals more easily.

Downsize without delays

Downsizing your home should be exciting, not exhausting. Our bridging loan simplifies your transition, giving you the financial flexibility to purchase your new home before selling your current one. With fast decisions, quick settlements, clear terms and dedicated support, we help make finance stress-free.

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Fast funds for your building project

Build with confidence, backed by Funding's building loan. Designed to cater to a variety of construction projects, our loans streamline the process, letting you focus on bringing your project to life. Experience fast approvals and flexible funding options that move with your project's pace, all supported by clear, straightforward terms and dedicated support.

Success secured with Funding

For every goal and every dream, rely on Funding’s support to help get you there.

I’ve invested with Funding for just over 18 months now, and have always been happy with the high level of service. It’s only taken less than a day to get 3 lots of top-ups transferred and cleared in both our Super Fund and me personally, allowing me to invest straight away.

Karyn Jordan

I was left high and dry by a lender that over promised and under delivered for my client. I called Sam and explained the situation and the fact we needed it done quickly. We supplied what he needed and the team called in many favours and we got there. [Funding] saved my client and we settled in 8 days from submission

Phil J

Very good platform, provides stable returns to your funds and also quite safe as all investment opportunities are secured by real properties you know where they are. I would definitely recommend Funding to all our friends.

Charles Feng

We approached Funding several months back as an alternative to our normal banks, and dealt with John from day one. From the start, the transparency was there, we knew pretty much at every point what was happening…..


“Easy to set up — I wish I found it a lot sooner.”

Martin C

Amazing Service! We were able to turn around a deal in 2 days so the client could settle on their dream home. Nathan worked tirelessly to get this across the line and make it a smooth experience for myself and my client. Highly Recommended.

Sandy K

Accelerate your financial goals

Whether you’re capitalising on timely opportunities or seeking new investments, our financial solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals quickly.
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From snapping up your next property to expanding your business or moving construction projects forward.

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Looking to diversify your portfolio, enjoy passive income, or seize new wealth-building opportunities?

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Help clients get ahead faster with streamlined lending and dedicated support.

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For aspiring investors, navigating the property market and securing the right financing can be challenging. Bridging loans, a type of short-term pr...

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