Terms and Conditions for Funding Refer a New Borrower Promotion

Last updated: July 2021
These terms and conditions (Terms) form a contract between the user (referred to as you or your) and Funding.com.au Pty Ltd (referred to as Funding, we, us or our) and apply to your participation in the Refer a Friend Promotion (Promotion) available to all existing and past borrowers Funding.com.au. If you participate in the Promotion, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms in their entirety.
  1. The Promotion runs until 31st December 2021 unless extended by us.
  2. The Promotion is intended for use by existing and past borrowers from Funding, who wish to let friends and family know about the good experience they have had with us. Funding reserves the right to refuse referrals if it determines that the person making the referral (Referrer) may be making referrals in the course of business or as part of an organized marketing campaign.
  3. The Promotion is open to anyone who is either a current or past borrower from Funding.com.au Pty Ltd.
  4. Referrers must not engage in misleading conduct in order to induce new customers to apply for a loan from Funding.
  5. In order to qualify for the Promotion:
    • The Referrer must provide a person that is not an existing or past borrower from Funding (New Borrower) with the name or loan ID of any of their existing or past loans with Funding;
    • The New Borrower must apply for a new loan with Funding.com.au and quote the name or loan ID provided to them as per the previous step; and
    • The New Borrower must successfuly meet our lending criteria and settle the new loan (New Settled Loan).
  6. If a New Borrower applies for a loan with Funding but doesn’t meet our credit criteria, fails to accept our credit offer or fails to settle the loan for whatever reason, neither the Referrer nor the New Borrower will be eligible for any benefit under the Promotion.
  7. New Borrowers will only be eligible for the Promotion if they quote the name or loan ID of an existing or past borrower. This can be done at any stage of the application process and up until loan settlement.
  8. New Borrowers that apply for a New Settled Loan through a broker or any other paid introducer, will not be eligible for the Promotion.
  9. Referrers will receive $250 by direct deposit to a nominated bank account for each New Borrower they refer pursuant to these Terms. There is no limit on the number of New Borrowers per Referrer.
  10. New Borrowers will receive $250 by direct deposit to a nominated bank account for their first New Settled Loan with Funding pursuant to these Terms.
  11. Each Referrer will be entitled to receive one $250 payment for each New Borrower they refer pursuant to the Promotion. There is no limit on the number of New Borrowers per Referrer.
  12. The availability of any benefit under the Promotion will be subject to the New Borrower meeting Funding’s lending criteria and settling a loan. Funding may refuse to accept a borrower at its sole and absolute discretion, including for failing to meet our credit criteria or failing to provide sufficient documentation & identification in order for Funding to meet its responsible lending and anti-money laundering obligations.
  13. Funding reserves the right to remove access to the Promotion if we suspect any suspicious behaviour (for example, referral of fictitious borrowers or existing Funding customers, including referral of the Referrer himself/herself under a different identity).
  14. Funding reserves the right to modify the Promotion at any time without providing prior notice to customers. Your participation in the Promotion will be governed by the most recent Terms available at https://www.funding.com.au/terms-of-use/. Continued participation in the Promotion will amount to acceptance of the Terms in force at that time.
  15. Funding reserves the right to terminate, suspend, restrict or otherwise alter these Terms or the Promotion at any time, for any reason and without prior notice or liability.
  16. You may only participate in the Promotion in good faith. You may not:
    1. do anything that damages Funding’s brand, reputation or goodwill;
    2. transmit any unsolicited advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam); or
    3. otherwise attempt to circumvent the Promotion.
  17. We reserve the right to refuse to provide you with any benefit that you would have otherwise been entitled to receive under the Promotion if we suspect that you have not participated in the Promotion in good faith or have breached any of these Terms. Funding will determine, at its sole and absolute discretion, whether there has been a breach of any of the Terms.
  18. The Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  19. Funding does not accept any liability that may arise out of your participation in the Promotion, including but not limited to any liability arising from participation in the Promotion which is not in accordance with these Terms.
  20. IMPORTANT: Information provided is general information only and should not be taken as legal or financial advice. It does not consider the specific needs or or financial situation of any particular borrower. See Privacy, Terms and Credit Guide for more details.
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