Purple Circle announces partnership with Funding

To continue to provide our member network with innovative lending solutions and after detailed member collaboration, Purple Circle Financial Services has partnered with Funding to make bridging loan products available to members.

“As an aggregator, it is essential we partner with innovative lending providers who offer a wide range of products and services to suit the ever changing lending landscape and it is essential our broker members have a say with whom we partner. This further ensures our broker members are both equipped for diversity and engaged for market change.” said Mr Frank Paratore – Purple Circle Financial Services Director.

Mr Paratore further added, “Lending isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Clients have different requirements depending on their circumstances, and we are continuing to provide our members with a diverse panel of lenders to assist with attending to those client different requirements.

Bridging loans have traditionally involved a long and tedious process that involves full documentation and a terrible customer experience, short loan terms and exit fees, and many banks have now withdrawn their products or only offer them to their existing clients, and if they do offer them, they take weeks to get approval and months to settle.

Funding.com.au offers and online digital process, a dedicated broker portal, and there’s no need for full documentation. They continue to accredit Brokers within an hour and can get conditional approval in two hours and achieve settlement within three to five days.”

“We continue to see increased demand which has led to outstanding growth in applications and Broker accreditations” shared Funding.com.au Chief Revenue Officer, Lee Slattery. “The demand for bridging loans has never been stronger, the changing mortgage market and customers looking for shorter term lending solutions to their funding needs is seeing more customers seek new solutions from their Broker” continued Mr. Slattery.

“Our focus has been growing with Brokers and Partners and we are excited to be partnering with such an innovator like Purple Circle” continued Mr. Slattery. “We think our Brokers and Partners will see a real benefit from a partnership with us, as we see more and more customers learn how to “build a bridge” and ask their Broker for funding.com.au” Continued Mr. Slattery. “We are excited to be able to grow with Frank and the team at Purple Circle”

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