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First mortgage investments.

Join other investors, companies and self managed super funds (SMSF) enjoying frequent interest payments direct to their account. Investments are backed by first registered mortgages over Australian real estate. Build a regular monthly income stream and make your savings work harder.

Each investment is in a single stand-alone mortgage and the investor can diversify their portfolio by selecting and investing in multiple investments on offer.

  • Registered first mortgage.
  • Interest paid monthly.
  • Short to medium investment terms.
First Mortgage Investments

Mortgage investments

A mortgage fund is a type of investment product. In Australia it is commonly in the form of a managed investment scheme (MIS) also known as a mortgage scheme or a mortgage trust, however can take other forms. It has and continues to be quite a popular investment choice for all types of investors including retail “Mum and dad” investors, sophisticated investors, wholesale investors and more recently Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Investors.

  • Fixed regular income.
  • Attractive rates of return.
  • Fixed term investments (typically short to medium term).
  • Underlying real estate security.
  • Borrowers also benefit as they find it as a useful, convenient source of funding with less hassles than applying to the major banks.

A mortgage fund is a finance company or institution. There are two sides to every Mortgage fund, the investors and the borrowers. Investors invest their money on agreed terms with the mortgage fund and those funds are then utilised to fund loans to the borrowers. Mortgage funds approve borrowers based on their lending policy and criteria. Borrowers provide real estate security for the loan in the form of a mortgage over their property.

The current form of the Managed Investment Schemes was introduced under the legislation Managed Investments (Act) (Cth) in 1998. Prior to this there were different types of mortgage schemes and investment vehicles. A popular setup was what’s termed “solicitor loans” or “solicitor funds”. This form was was often operated by lawyers and solicitors (hence the name). Borrowers would approach their lawyer for a mortgage loan and the lawyer would approach another client of theirs they knew who invests in mortgages. This practice was phased out due to the potential conflict situations solicitors could end up in acting for both the borrower and the lender/investor. The Managed Investments Act was introduced to assist in regulating the industry and Lawyers engaged in this mortgage practice were forced to either become licensed under the new regime or operate differently or wind down their mortgage lending businesses.

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Target Returns from 6% pa.*

Download our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Why invest with

Property secured

Investments are secured by a registered first mortgage over real estate giving your capital protection. In the event of default, the asset can be sold to recover the principal, interest and costs.

Regular income

A great way to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in real estate loans. Regular interest payments to your account.

Diversify your investment

Each investment is in a single stand-alone mortgage and the investor can diversify their portfolio by selecting and investing in multiple investments on offer.


You choose your investments and how long your funds are locked depending on the duration of the specific mortgage you invest in. This may vary from 1 month up to 36 months.

How do I get started?



Create a free account by signing up online here


Fund your account:

Top up funds to your account. These funds will be held in trust until you select an investment to invest in. 



Select and invest in investments online or via email.

Funding mobile platform


Our investments are backed by a registered first mortgage loan against Australian real estate. A first mortgage is a first charge over real estate owned by the borrower. If there is a Default in repayment of the Loan, the property can be sold in order to recover the Loan and repay Members.

The security property varies from loan to loan however each loan is secured over either Residential or Commercial real estate in locations across Australia.

Borrowers must have Australian real estate security, the ability to meet their repayments and a repayment strategy to exit the Loan at the end of the term. Our mortgages are catered to borrowers that need a fast and flexible solution. Short-term mortgages are more expensive than traditional finance, which is why we are able to provide higher returns to our investors.

Once an investor has signed up and is approved, they can select, invest and manage their investments via our platform and professional management staff. An investor can choose to fully fund a Loan or invest alongside other Members in a particular Loan.

The Funding Investment Trust is the legal structure behind the platform. The Funding Investment Trust (“the Trust”) is an ASIC registered (ARSN 616 185 276) managed investment scheme where members of the Trust are provided with access to first mortgage investments.
Manager: ACN603756547, ARNo. 1239776 Trustee:MelbourneSecuritiesCorporationLtd ACN160326545,AFSL428289
Custodian: Sandhurst Trustees Limited ACN 004 030 737

You can download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) by clicking here.

The loan to value ratio or LVR is the maximum lend secured over the property. The LVR is specific to the individual mortgage selected by the investor however the LVR must be less than 70% of the value of the security property.

The interest from your investments will be paid monthly, into your online Funding account. From there you may choose to reinvest these funds or withdraw to your nominated bank account. Please allow for 2-3 business days for withdrawals to be processed.

During the loan application process and the borrower agree on a suitable interest rate based on the LVR, property location and other factors.

Investment Summary

Overview Mortgage Investments
Target returns: From 6% per annum (net of fees)*
Min Investment: $5,000
Term: 1 to 36 months
Returns paid: Monthly
Fixed or variable: Fixed
Investments: Investor selects specific investment
Access: Online account or via investment team