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What are low doc home loans?

A low documentation or low doc home loan is a type of loan that can be approved without the normal income verification requirements.

This type of loan is typically suitable for borrowers who are self-employed or unable to prove their income through traditional means. These can be useful for contractors, freelancers and other people who have no regular jobs and cannot prove their income through traditional means such as providing payslips or tax returns.

How to get approved for low doc home loans?

The following steps can help you with your low doc loan approval process:

  1. Find out which documents you can provide, what your needs are and which lenders you can qualify with.
  2. Compare lender’s interest rate, fees and terms, as well as the loan features that you require.
  3. Understand the process from application to settlement.


  • Low Doc: As the name suggest – the process is low doc and less hassle. Borrowers who are self-employed or who cannot prove their income can take advantage of the low doc home loans.
  • Short term: a lot of low doc lenders offer short term mortgages – meaning bridging finance or funding for a shorter term ie 3 to 12 months.
  • Fast settlement: Some low doc lenders can settle in days – not weeks or months.
  • Bad credit: often some credit issues can be explained and won’t affect your approval.
  • Interest-only repayments features: You only pay the interest on the amount borrowed for an agreed period. You do not make any payment towards the principal.


The following are cons of low doc lenders:

  • Higher rates: borrowers typically pay a higher rate as they would being a full doc ‘prime’ applicant with the banks.
  • Accountants declaration: An accountants declaration is usually required to support your loan.
  • Legal advice: Legal advice is usually required to support your loan.
  • Lower LVR: the loan to value ratio (LVR) is usually lower than a full doc loan.

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Property loans for all purposes.

We lend to individuals and companies looking for short to medium term loans for any purpose. We take a common sense approach to lending and can often assist when the banks cannot.

  • Purchase, refinance or cash out.
  • Urgent bridging loans and short term loans.
  • Business and personal loans.
  • Vacant land.
  • Cash out & ATO Debts.
  • Commercial property.
  • Non-residents, bad credit or self employed.


The obligation free conditional approval will outline all rates and fees. It is tailored to your specific loan needs.

The loan to value or LVR is the maximum lend secured over the property. Our typical LVR is 65% or lower of the property value. On some occasions, 70% may be considered depending on the location and type of security property.

Loan terms are typically between 1 and 36 months.

Residential, commercial and vacant land. In all metropolitan areas in all states.

Borrowers can be individuals, companies or trusts borrowing for any purpose including personal or business. Borrowers must have sound real estate security, the ability to meet their repayments and a strong repayment strategy to exit the loan at the end of the term.