Borrower Proposition

Property loans for all purposes.

We lend to individuals and companies looking for short to medium term loans for any purpose. We take a common sense approach to lending and can often assist when the banks cannot.

  • Purchase, refinance or cash out.
  • Urgent bridging loans and short term loans.
  • Business and personal loans.
  • Vacant land.
  • Cash out & ATO Debts.
  • Commercial property.
  • Non-residents, bad credit or self employed.

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Why our borrowers have a need for our short-term mortgage product(s):

  • Short term requirement – the borrower only requires the funds for a short term i.e. 6 to 24 months and not a 30 year home loan. Banks and mortgage brokers struggle in this space. i.e. if a bank or broker have a client who requires a 6 month bridge loan – it is unsuitable to provide a 30 year home loan. This process would be uncommercial for banks – and mortgage brokers would suffer claw backs if a loan was repaid early.
  • Speed – The borrower has an urgent settlement requirement i.e. completing a purchase in a tight timeframe. Sometimes due to other lenders letting them down at the last minute. Funding can settle within 7 days or less.
  • Self-employed – Typically difficult with mainstream lenders as sometimes accounts aren’t up to date.
  • Debt consolidation – The cost of our finance is less than some other personal loans, business loans and credit cards, etc.
  • Cash-out – A business has property which is suitable security for a short term loan to provide urgent business cash flow. Subject to the exit stacking up.
  • Customer Service – Dealing with us is far easier with team members always available and decisions reached quickly. Less paperwork and less face-to-face time required.

Funding is disrupting the short term mortgage industry reducing the application to settlement time down to 7 days or less.

We lend to individuals and companies looking for short to medium term mortgages for any purposes. We take common sense approach to lending and can often assist when the banks cannot. Submit a deal or get accredited to partner with us.

Learn more about our short term mortgage products such as  Bridging Loans, Private Mortgages and Second Mortgages.


What is the interest rate and fees?

The obligation free conditional approval will outline all rates and fees. It is tailored to your specific loan needs.

What is the LVR on loans?

The loan to value or LVR is the maximum lend secured over the property. Our typical LVR is 65% or lower of the property value. On some occasions, 70% may be considered depending on the location and type of security property.

What terms do you offer?

Loan terms are typically between 1 and 36 months.

What properties do you accept as security?

Residential, commercial and vacant land. In all metropolitan areas in all states.

What type of borrowers can apply?

Borrowers can be individuals, companies or trusts borrowing for any purpose including personal or business. Borrowers must have sound real estate security, the ability to meet their repayments and a strong repayment strategy to exit the loan at the end of the term.

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