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Simple short term business loans.

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Commercial loans for all purposes.

We offer commercial loans to individuals and companies.

We specialise in offering short to medium term finance for any purpose and take a common sense approach to lending .
This means we can often assist when the banks cannot.

  • Purchase, refinance or cash out.
  • Urgent bridging loans and short term loans.
  • Business and personal loans.
  • Vacant land.
  • Cash out & ATO Debts.
  • Commercial property.
  • Non-residents, bad credit or self employed.

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Commercial loans and finance.

What is a commercial property mortgage?

It’s basically a loan secured over commercial real estate (i.e. office premises, retail shop or industrial premises etc.). The loan is secured by a mortgage or in some cases a caveat. Borrowers often use the funds for their business, for the property or for other investment reasons.

When to apply for commercial loans?

Usually when you need the funds quickly! This style of funding is not a long term finance solution. The average term is between 1 month and 24 months and given the short term mature is generally more expensive than your normal bank funding.

Who can apply for this type of commercial mortgage?

You generally need to have two main requirements. The first is obvious; you need commercial property to use as security. It must have enough equity in it to secure a loan to the lenders Loan to value ratio (LVR) requirement. This is normally 65% to 75% of the value.

The second key requirement is you need an exit strategy as to how you intend on repaying the commercial property finance. Will you sell the property? Will you refinance? Will you receive a lump sum payment in the future? These are examples of common exit strategies.

Where can you get this funding?

Non-bank lenders. They are flexible, can often tailor the loans to your needs and do not usually need financials/tax returns and can look beyond bad credit.

Overview, 3 reasons why to get commercial property finance from private lenders:

  1. Its fast.
  2. Its short to medium term.
  3. Its hassle free.

Commercial Property Loans can be confusing if you are applying to the banks. The rates vary, the fees are different, you do not know what the criteria is required to apply and so on. Non bank lenders are by far the best way to obtain commercial property loans and below will describe in detail this form of finance.

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