Another Successfully Repaid Investment: Beaumaris, Victoria, 3193

20 August 2020 | 2 min


Beaumaris Property

Borrower Insight

The loan was introduced via a mortgage broker. The borrower needed to urgently refinance an existing facility that was reaching maturity, and their primary exit strategy was to sell the property.

At the time of lending, the property was independently valued at $1,920,000. The borrower was able to achieve a sale price of $2,010,000 ahead of the estimated timeframe and repay their loan early.

Loan Amount$935,000
Target Return7.00%pa net
Term (subject to early or late repayment)6 months
Property Value$1,920,000
Date Commenced30 April 2020
Date Repaid21 July 2020
Total Unique Investors in Loan27
Largest Single Investment$156,600
Average Investment$34,630

Investor Returns: A fast sale meant the borrower was able to repay three months ahead of schedule. Monthly distributions were paid in full and on time, and all 27 investors received full monthly interest for the actual investment period, in addition to their full principal, which could then be invested further into other first mortgages.

Property Description: The security property is a residential, two-storey house on a 790sqm allotment. It boasts 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 dining rooms, attached double garage, as well as a swimming pool and spa.

Location: The property is located in the affluent bayside suburb of Beaumaris, 20km south-east of the Melbourne CBD. The property is within walking distance to schools, beaches, nature reserves, cafes, shops and public transport.

Loan exit strategy: Sale of the property.

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